Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ain't nuthin' new but the shoes

This was an outfit of the week almost a year ago. Therefore, I am an Outfit Repeater. BUT, There are slight differences. I am wearing heels that look like chucks(instead of my chucks) and different accessories. :)

    I am wearing my favorite vintage sweater from Metropolis. I can easily make a whole blog dedicated to myself wearing this sweater. I love it so very much and I need more like it. I didn't want to wear my large Owl necklace with it because I wear that a lot so I wore a wooden beaded necklace. Necklaces like this were really popular my sophomore year of high school (07/08) and I don't think they've gone out of style. As you can see I am wearing my new sneaker-boots which I discuss fully in my video "My mini shoe haul". And Finally to top it all off I am wearing a pair of Bamboo earring from Hot Topic. I am so glad I pulled this off. :). I re-created my favorite and most worn outfit.

1 comment:

dreamteller said...

I really love your blue hair. It's so cool.


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