Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Black History

    February is Black History here in America. This year to celebrate I plan on educating myself on Historic Black people and things I hadn't already known. Mostly related to Black American history. Over the years I've grown more and more pride in who I am and where I come from. I've noticed that I have not been educated a lot about Black history in school. Once I got to high school there was no such thing as a Black History month project, I guess it didn't fit the curriculum. Wherever you go during the month of February, you don't see Black History month decorations. You see, however, Valentines day decorations. So many people are quick to propagandize a superficial holiday(the government uses to make money) instead of reflecting on our nation's history. Black History Month is about remembrance. But, at this point in my life the negative side of me thinks Black History month in America is pointless. It's been overlooked for years to the point it's become obsolete. I recently heard the quote "There is no such thing about Black history... There is AMERICAN history". We should remember Historic Black people, places, and things EVERYDAY along with other historic people, places, and things we are already taught.
    I feel the best way is to take this opportunity to educate myself and look up iconic things related to Black American History that I have not been educated on. So I will be posting about the things I've learned,  throughout this month.

    The first thing I will discuss is's article "African-American's snubbed by The Oscars". The Oscars, or the Academy Awards, is an annual award show honoring the latest films and everyone who has taken part in the creation of them. Titles such as Best Actress, Best Supporting actor, Best Screen-play etc. are awarded to the best of those categories. In this article BET lists 16 Black Actors and Actresses who did not win Oscars but(as many feel) should have, and explains each occasion. The list goes as follows:

  • Dorothy Dandridge: Carmen Jones Sidney Poitier: In the Heat of the Night(1967) 
  • Cicely Tyson: Sounder 
  • Danny Glover: The Color Purple(1985, this film hadn't won any Oscars, which caused a lot of controversy)
  • Diahann Carroll: Claudine 
  • James Earl Jones: Great White Hope, Claudine 
  • Diana Ross: Lady Sings the Blues 
  • Billy Dee Williams: Lady Sings the Blues 
  • Whoopi Goldberg: The Color Purple 
  • Angela Bassett: What’s Love Got to Do With It 
  • Laurence Fishburne: What’s Love Got to Do With It 
  • Samuel L. Jackson: Jungle Fever, Pulp Fiction 
  • Will Smith: The Pursuit of Happyness 
  • Viola Davis: Doubt 
  • Derek Luke: Antwone Fisher 
  • Kimberly Elise: Beloved

   I haven't seen all of these films, but I do agree with most of these points. Now, I did not make this post to dwell on the past or bring about any negative controversy. But Black History month is about remembrance and we should remember thee good along with the bad. All that makes us who we are. All that makes America the nation it is. Please read this article (by clicking here) for more information.

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