Sunday, February 26, 2012

Movie Review: Good Deeds

   Tyler Perry's Good Deeds is a film about a man with the "perfect life", he is extremely privileged but realizes that he does not love his life when he meets the cleaning lady for his building who's life is the complete opposite. Now, I know you're probably thinking you've heard this story before (the "coming of age, feel good, love story") and you know what comes next, but this story is very realistic and relatable. The film itself is not as predictable as Tyler Perry has been in the past. It seems that he has watched his past films, read reviews, and decided to do something different. In that factor he certainly succeeded. With a lot of Tyler Perry films comes complaints about cliche ideas, unrealistic, scenes and overdone stereotypes. Not all black people are Christian or even religious, and it seems Perry has finally realized that. There was not one church reference in Good Deeds, not that there is something wrong with portraying religion in film but Perry has had the trend of "beating us over the head" with it. Perry was also successful in casting of this film. Each character played their role perfectly. The plot line in Good Deeds was well developed and made up for Madea’s Big Happy family(which seemed to be unfinished) completely..

   Although Tyler Perry has strayed away from his typical themes it is still prevalent that this is a Tyler Perry film. He stayed true to himself and still produced something worth watching.  I suggest you all go see Good Deeds or watch it anyway you can.

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