Friday, March 16, 2012

Online shops!

   Online vintage shops that is. Now, if you spend as much time on the internet as I do, you may have come across websites such as and which allow users to set up their own online shops and sell what they've got! Well, I've come across(and purchased items from) two online shops which are different and at the same time pretty similar.

  The first I want to talk about is Susy's closet. You may have heard of this young blogger, style icon, and hair GURU named Susy, most commonly known as African Creature. You can find her on blogspot, tumblr, twitter, and just about everywhere else! If you like her style you can be just as dope as she is with the items on her online shop . Suzy's Closet is a collective a essential vintage clothing and accessories inspired by African culture. From this shop I bought an 80's track jacket.:

The next online shop is Vintagista. Vintagista also specializes in vintage items. If you couldn't tell by the name, the goal of this site is to bring out the Vintage Fashionista in you. Their slogan is "One of a kind fashion find for the modern & sophisticated fashionista/o". At, The shop certainly lives up to that. With a variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories to choose from; you can express your old soul without emptying your pockets. The item I purchased is a vintage sweater called the "memories made in the coldest winter sweater".

They wrapped it all nice and put a thank you note:

  I recommend you ALL to check out both of these shops, especially if you're into vintage fashion and supporting young artist like myself. You won't regret it :).

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