Sunday, March 25, 2012

Paint and Poetry part 3!

    Paint and Poetry is a monthly event here in NYC, bringing together young artists in a safe haven to be nothing but expressive. The event showcases a collective of poets & visual artists and allows them to show off their work. Last night's event was the third of many and very enjoyable. It was a comfortable setting to show who you really are and have a good time. The event wasn't all about the painting and the poetry; networking was a key factor. I met a lot of new people and made some new friends(& even got a job). It was a great place to MINGLE. The event certainly had a party aspect, dancing chatting, and just hanging out. What is most amazing is that Mojo was able to bring together all of these wonderful people under one roof, all for positivity. A lot of us don't have or know of places to go to express ourselves freely, around other people like us. All in all, it was extremely dope. One of those "You had to be there!" moments. But if you weren't there here's a brief look at how everything went down:

For info on further events:

Here are a few more photos I took:

Tola and Gina

Mojo and I

Ashley August

The painters

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