Friday, April 13, 2012

New Accessories: Contemporary Negro

Image of Malcolm X Sweatshirt
Well, CN is another online shop. Dedicated to the remembering the history of Black people and representing our culture. They sell different accessories, clothing, and medallions.I stumbled across while googling the meaning behind the colors red, black, and green. I found a full description on CN's blog and a link to the online shop. I am some what of a shopaholic so I was immediately drawn to it. I have NO regrets. I saw a photo I recognized form tumblr of a crew neck sweatshirt. So you know my reaction was "HEYYYY =D"

            I then saw a bunch of buttons and had to buy at least one. So I bought the Rosa Parks button. I love this button for so many reasons. I am remembering my history and the struggle. and being that it is Rosa Parks it represents womanhood. See, I just covered two months! Well, all jokes aside. Contemporary Negro is a wonderful site. If you like what I've showed you then certainly check it out and buy something.


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