Sunday, April 29, 2012


     So, as some of ya'll know. Or probably don't know... I'M FILMING A DOCUMENTARY! It's going to document the lives of artists such as yourselves and at the same time challenge certain stereotypes and ideas people have about us. This is for anyone who has ever been personally victimized by the word hipster. We NEED your support in creating this film! How you may ask. Well DONATE. You can easily help us out by donating whatever you can to our Kickstarter page.

    The title is Don't Believe the Hype!: The story of the Modern day Bohemian.. I'm going to do full interviews with a few main people and then some random/group scenes so if you're interested you will definitely be in this film! I'm also gonna film some performances/open mics so let me know if anything. But, I don't start filiming until this summer so just let me know you you want to take part. We'll talk more ALSO I NEED ORIGINAL MUSIC! I don't want any copyright problems if I use other songs. So please get back to me on this.   I will be holding casting at Mariah's house in Richmond Hill, Queens. I'm going to ask a few questions about yourself and why you'd like to be apart of this. again PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP with any questions or WHATEVER.
  There will be another casting WEEK towards then end of May. Official filming starts in June and continues throughout the summer. I would love to have YOUR Support!

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