Sunday, April 29, 2012

No more Kiss.FM ??

 WRKS, Kiss FM at 98.7, will be no more: It is merging with WBLS and the merged station will broadcast under the WBLS call letters at 107.5.
    If you live in the New York City area, you may be familiar with the radio station 98.7 Kiss FM. It is a station geared towards black people which plays "Old school and today's R&B". Well Kiss FM is no more. It seems to have merged with similar "rival" station WBLS, according to THIS article.
    This upsets me greatly. I, myself, can be referred to as an Old Soul. Because of my Father and Grandmother I love Old School, Soul, and R&B music. Kiss FM was THAT station for a long time. At one point it was originally the station to tune to for Hip-Hop music. It has become my favorite station over the years. WBLS can easily be compared to kiss FM. They are both geared towards a black audience and both play Soul and R&B music. But WBLS plays more upbeat songs of genres such as New Jack Swing and House. I, personally prefer Kiss. But it seems, in the ongoing battle of Kiss FM VS. WBLS. WBLS prevails. The station has used the slogan "One family, One station" and will still play the music we love but still won't be Kiss FM.

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