Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dennis, Hook me up with some more of this whiskey!


     The newest track released by "Alternative Rap" artist KiD CuDi. The song seems to be his return to rap music. In February CuDi, alongside good friend and producer Dot Da Genius, released a rock album called WZRD. He did not rap at all on the album, pure singing. It was not a dramatic change for CuDi though, he's always made music with a slight rock and roll feel and he's also sang on plenty of track in the past. "Dennis, Hook me up with some more of this whiskey" does include him singing a bit along with rapping, which is just his style. He uses dialogue from the film "Attack the Block" as well as Barack Obama's voice saying "They didn't think I would do it, I told you I was gonna do it." That part seems beautiful to me; that he can use the president's voice to express how he feels about where he is in his career and naysayers so easily. Another aspect of the song which I love, is that the track itself(the instrumental) is one of CuDi's songs, off his second studio album, called "GHOST!" just played in reverse.

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