Wednesday, June 26, 2013


   Just in time for Pride Month and in lieu of NYC's Pride weekend, lets talk about the forgotten "sexual orientation": Asexuality.
   Personally, I can go on and on about sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, roles, etc. but up until a month ago Asexuality was something I was unfamiliar with. I've heard the term once or twice but I didn't understand.
   Then I was at my best friend's house using netflix and I stumbled across the documentary (A)sexual. The film follows the growth of a community that experiences no sexual attraction. Here's the trailer:

    From this film I've learned so much and if you're confused I'll break it down. When someone identifies as asexual that means they do not feel any sexual attraction to anyone else, as it is assumed that we all do. Some asexuals do have a sex drive but it is not directed to others and some asexuals can be romantically attracted to others but still do not want to have sex. There is a such thing as an asexual relationship. Then there are asexuals(as shown in the film) who don't have a sex drive at all nor want a relationship. Asexuality is not abstinence, it is not celibacy, it is not a choice.

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