Sunday, June 16, 2013

Whatchu wearinnnn ?!

  So it's been a while since I've shared with my style but here it is! An outfit of the week!
    Last night I went to the Chance the Rapper concert in Brooklyn and decided to wear something really chill and funky. This outfit is easily hip-hop inspired, easily 90’s inspired, but it’s simply me. I was extremely comfortable, which is what matters most. I bought the jumper from goodwill a couple of months ago(which is probably why it’s a little big on me), and I bought the crop-top specifically for this outfit from The snapback, the chucks, and earrings all complete this look and give that 90’s Hip-Hop vibe and that’s not even what I was going for, lol.

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MadSharayray said...

I love the 90's look! You look great i really want to come to America mainly for the food haha; but also for Goodwill. A girl can dream right? ;)

Sharon x

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