Sunday, June 9, 2013

You can touch my hair?!

    Recently, a group of Black women stood in Union Square Park holding signs that read "You can touch my hair". There is always a lot of controversy revolving around people reaching out and touching a black woman's hair without permission, especially people who are not Black. So this little exhibit may seem like a nice gesture but I see it as tacky. This is NOT a petting zoo and I am not a sheep.
    You may Not touch my hair or my body because it is my own and there is a such thing as personal space. This is almost like Janet Jackson (or a woman with a similar body) standing around, allowing people to grab her ass. NO. This is ridiculous and silly. Especially when it becomes racial, which it always is. Allowing white people to treat black people as some kind of oddity or freak show, is what this looks like to me.

and this photo is the perfect response:

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