Thursday, July 25, 2013

New track from NoName Gypsy !

    The name of the song is Baby and it is lovely. NoName is a young rapstress hailing from Chicago who first got a taste of fame just a few months ago when she featured on fellow Chi-town MC Chance the Rapper's mixtape AcidRap.
    Tons of fans have been checking for her ever since, so this record was already highly anticipated. Have a listen:

    Baby samples Inoj's "My Boo" the same track Ciara sampled for her latest hit "Body Party". As a hip-hop head I will always and forever appreciated clever samples and interpolations. I like how this is so different from Body Party although their born of the same song. Baby is about Noname being in the beginning stages of a relationship but knowing that he is the one. The sample of "My Boo" is slowed down and has a chopped and screwed effect, I enjoy that very much as well.
    One thing I can say about Noname Gypsy and her music is that she is very poetic, her wordplay, her flow, and that fact that she doesn't try too hard. I honestly cannot wait for a mixtape form her.

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