Friday, July 5, 2013

New track from T'nah Apex and Chelsea Reject

     Not only are T'nah and Chelsea upcoming hip-hop artists, writers, poets, Brooklynites, they're also friends of mine. I met them both over year ago on separate occasions and I know that when it comes to this music, they do the damn thing. If you haven't heard anything from either young lady please check out their soundcloud pages. T'nah: . Chelsea:

   Now lets get into this new song. I knew about their growing bond and I knew they were working together but I had no idea what to expect from these two and I still don't. Lets say I am surprised. xyxx is the name of the song. It is sultry, dark, and something great to vibe to. It is so different that it is exciting. Although they have both put out music before xyxx shows that you don't even know the half.

   The instrumental is almost perfect. Obviously both these women are soulful, they both have great voices, and talent. There is no mimicking however, there is no competing, and this track knows no time period. Though we may all sense the soulful 90's vibes you still feel the now in it all. I was reminded of one of my favorite artists KiD CuDi. As I said I don't know what to expect from T'nah or Chelsea, or any collabs they may do in the future. They can go far beyond what this track brings to us.

   With all that said I recommend xyxx and I also reccomend you listen to Chelsea Rejects recent mixtape "Radi-8" if you haven't already.

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