Monday, November 4, 2013

Chance the Rapper live at SOB's

Tuesday night, to celebrate my birthday, I went to the Chance The Rapper concert at SOB's. Here is a video I made of him singing "You Song".

       I arrived at the spot with my best friend four hours before doors open and we seemed to be only 2 of ten people who had that idea. Then out of nowhere out walks Chance out of the venue, looking for a friend of his. He comes over and talked to us a little bit. We were pretty chill but still a little starstruck, it was crazy. We were basically having fun on the line for 5 hours chatting and singing his song lyrics. That within itself was an event. Then the concert. The concert was certainly an EXPERIENCE. Me and my new friends were directly in the front, at times Chance looked directly at me, sang to/with me, and held my hand. It was great. Afterwards we waited outside for him to come out and he signed my copy of complex magazine. This was a great night.

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