Monday, November 11, 2013

Noir Chicks! A new webseries

A friend of mine, Chante has started a webseries called "Noir Chicks" and I gave her a little critique. Here is episode 1:

    Overall, as a pilot episode I just wished she showed more. More about each character and their relationships with each other, and the main idea of the whole show. I noticed that  there is a main character narrating and she takes on a Carrie Bradshaw role. Is she the main character? She is also a blogger, does the whole series revolve around her blog? I feel that based on the title each character should have equal "power" like maybe they should all blog if blogging is the focus, with that being said, this is the pilot. I think it should have been more introductory, where we would have a peek into each of the character's lives.
    For acting I think that the heated statements should have literally been shouted, as if the two girls were really going at it. I pretty much enjoyed the production and dialogue, and I can't wait to see what is done with the other episodes.
     Episode has been posted and you can keep up with the series here:

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