Friday, November 29, 2013

Women of Color and Identity Conference:Detangling From the Root

     In our heads about our hair is a documentary film about Black women and the hair norms of society. The standard of beauty is long hair, the standard of beauty is hair that one can easily get a comb through. As most of my followers know my hair is natural and always has been, I support this "movement", and I run a blog all about box braids(a popular Black/Natural hair style).

     The screening of this film was apart of an entire conference held at Brooklyn college on November 20th. Guests were greeted in the hall with a sign-in sheet and free samples of hair products from Khamit Kinks. An audience of mostly women gathered and the event started with a panel discussion with three Brooklyn College students, women with natural who described their journeys and even battles embracing their own hair. One woman described how she kept her hair very short for years and although it has been natural she hasn't necessarily embraced it, another woman shared that she was in the military and her sergeant approached her saying that her appearance did not fit the guidelines though she was certainly following all of the rules, it was about her hair.

     Then the film began. Created by Anu Prestonia and BC alum Hemamset Angaza. We are given several images of Black women with natural hair and several different accounts. It was so tastefully done, there did not seem to be any bias from the creators of the film. Of course each opinion was bias. Of course even some women with natural hair sounded a little close-minded. But a segment I admired was when men on the street were questioned about Black hair/Black women. It was rather humorous to hear what these men think and there wasn't much hate. It was also great to see some of the couples who were interviewed. So many men love and support their women and their hair choices. I was a little hesitant in attending this conference, especially watching the film because these are conversations I have everyday, as a black woman. However, In our heads about our hair is such an eye opener and such an enjoyable film, there was no over kill. I would certainly watch this film again, with some friends.

    Here's the trailer:

    After the film, lunch was served, there was a spoken word segment. Poets BC Alum Diamond Bradley, BC Slam Team member Katherine George, and Nasiyr Abdullah son of the keynote speaker Sonia Alleyne. Unfortunately I could not stay longer to hear from the keynote speaker or other panel discussions but this event was great.

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