Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone?!

You may have heard rumors but it's real.

     The first images of Zoe Saldana on the set of the Nina Simone biopic are surfacing and here she is wearing an afro wig:

     I am appalled at the fact that they are going through with this. Nina Simone was a dark skinned Black woman. Zoe Saldana is a fair skinned Latino woman. You can argue that Zoe is black and bring up diaspora all you want but that fact is: she looks nothing like Nina. Not only is the appearance wrong, but Zoe Saldana is NOT a singer. What can she possibly bring to this role? Not trying to dis-credit her acting but she is clearly a misrepresentation of Nina Simone, without even considering her roles in "Drumline" and "Columbiana".

    Lets look at other bio-pics such as "Notorious" and "The Jacksons: and American dream". The actor who played Biggie, Jamal Woolard, and the actor who played Micheal, Wylie Draper, were both young actors who had never been in big name films BUT resembled who they were portraying. Therefore there is no excuse for this casting.

   Instead of putting a light skinned girl in awkward make-up and an even more awkward wig, let's cast an actual dark-skinned woman with actual coarse hair, They do exist.

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