Friday, November 4, 2011

10 day all about me challenge

Day 6: Tell your followers how you do your makeup.

    Lol, well I only wear lipstick and eye liner but it is a process. First I do my lips. I dab lipstick across my bottom lip then I rub my lips together. I wipe the edges with my finger to make sure its neat. Then I scoop some lip gloss and I rub it on my bottom lip. Then I rub my lips together and wipe around the edges again. For my eye liner I pull my bottom lid down then draw across the top of it and constantly take a step back to see how it looks until I'm satisfied. I do the same to my other bottom eyelid. I don't do the top because I can't without blinking and messing it up. This is what I look like =] ;

In spanish lab, bored as hell

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