Saturday, December 3, 2011

Forever 21 Grand Opening at QCM

    QCM being Queens Center mall. They have completely renovated and expanded(from one floor to two) the Forever 21 there. They had a grand opening event this morning where the first 500 customers received a free gift card. About 85% of the gift cards handed out were worth $10 but there was ONE worth $210. I don't know who got that one, but they were extremely lucky. This store was changed completely. They added new sections including 21 men, Heritage, 21 girls, and Forever 21 plus. The new Forever 21 in Queens Center Mall is identical to that of Times Square or East Village. It took me about an hour and a half to only buy 5 things, lol. The selection is much broader and overall the store is prettier., If you like forever 21 and you live in the NYC area you should definitely check out the store at Queens Center Mall. I enjoyed myself, here are a few photos I took:
I was #40 in line

The gift card & Coupon given to us

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