Saturday, December 3, 2011


    Now I have said that I am "Anti- Urban Outfitters" but today the were having a double sale!(an additional 50% off sale items). I couldn't resist! I had to at least browse. I saw a girl holding this bag and was a little excited... because I had seen bags exactly like it in a vintage apparel store called Metropolis, in East Village. But those bags were over $100! No way I was buying one, but ever since I first saw those bags I've been dying for one. So I asked the girl where she got it, I went over to where she told me and saw that it was already on sale for about $40. To make sure, I asked the person who worked there if that was the final price and she said "no, it's an additional 50% off, so it'll be 20 bucks, isn't that great? :D" I was so excited. No way in hell I was leaving that store without that bag, I also bought a hat for my aunt(which too was on sale). I don't think the bag is truly vintage(like the ones from metropolis) but IDGAF, I got the bag of my dreams for 20 dollars! ^_^

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