Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Outfit of the week and my Creepers

Yep, an Outfit of the week! I haven't posted one of those in a while. I guess there haven't been any weeks. But anyway I call this "Pre-Winter"

   It's COLD out, but not cold enough to be winter yet. While taking this photo my friend said “pre-winter fashion” so I just went with this title. This is something I threw together last minute, a collection of random clothes I’ve had for a while. I think creepers look really good with skirts or dresses and they’re just a great shoe. I love my creepers, they are the star of this show! Not to mention the newest piece of this outfit. Creepers, in my opinion, are the dopest shoe out right now. I first saw them a couple months ago worn by Pop star and my biggest fashion inspiration Rihanna on the set of her video "We found Love" as well as in recent photos promoting her album, like this one:

   I instantly wanted a pair. So I bought mine off for a very good price. The brand is Demonia and they're a unisex shoe so the size I got was 7mens. I wear an 8 1/2 in women sizes but they don't make half sizes. The shoes fit perfectly! They look great and you get used to the thick platform after wearing them a couple of times. The only problem I have is that the faux leather material is very delicate. After I first wore them they were already scuffed as if I had scratched them myself, with my fingernails.

If you'd like a pair of creepers and you are known to be hard on your shoes I recommend you buy ones of a different material such as suede. I LOVE my creepers. Theses shoes come in such a great variety., everyone should love them. :)

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Hollie douglas said...

I haven't seen a pair of creepers like this before ,they're actually quite nice :)


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