Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New rap artist: Yyou!

  Yyou(pronounced "why you") is an independent rap artist from Canada, who has contacted me to listen to his music. Now, I've posted about hip-hop plenty of times before and new rap artists is like a pandemic sweeping the world. Everybody's a rapper. But despite that I still gave him a listen and this is how I felt:

  I listened to his album entitled "OTF" on his sound cloud account(Here) and surprisingly I liked him. I am so used to new artists sounding exactly or trying to mimic big artists but Yyou is different. He has his own flow, which is reminiscent of New York rappers. So he's already got me hooked. The first track titled "I'm here" is the perfect intro track. "I'm here" is catchy, fun, and dope if you know what I mean. It is bound to be a big track. Not only does Yyou rap but he also sings his own, which is the new trend in hip-hop (like Nicki Minaj or Drake). I am a big fan of rappers trying to be pop singer but Yyou makes it work and shows that he is multi-talent. The second track entitled "Awooga Love" is the slow lovey-dovey type of song Drake or The Weeknd would put out but the rap verses on the song are dominant and the track itself is upbeat and good to dance to. Overall, I am certainly Yyou's newest fan and if you appreciate rap music you will be too.
You can find out more about Yyou on his websites:

Main Site:



Yyou gets my very own DOPE seal of approval and I mean it.

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