Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are you a young artist who has ever felt mis-represented by the media?

   Have you ever been labeled "Hipster", "Misfit", "Weirdo" or anything else you most certainly are not?! Well my film is about you. Don't believe the hype: The story of the modern day bohemian. I am an artist and so are many of my friends. I've noticed that a lot of us have been labeled or have taken the outcast role sometime in our lives, so I came up with the concept for this film. Along with my good friend Mariah C. Robinson and her production company Underground Artist I will create this film. For US, by US. The goal of the film is to showcase the lives of young artists, discredit these stereotypes and show who we really are. I am very excited about this and in need of all the help I can get.

     If you are interested in this idea please support us at our kickstarter page.

If you are still unclear on what this film is about click my "My DOCUMENTARY" tab at the top of my blog. Thank you :)

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