Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thrift Store Runway

A new online contest to celebrate thrifting! For those who don't know, thrifting is when one shops at a thrift store and thrift stores sell old/vintage/used items, mostly clothes.
Thrift Store Runway is an online fashion contest that will run through 2012 with five $100 prizes given away every month for the best submissions. This contest is a part of the movement to Bring Back National Thrift Week, which used to be a vibrant celebration of the virtue of thrift in America. From the early part of the twentieth century on up through the 1960s, Thrift Week events flourished from coast to coast . Somewhere along the way, though, the idea of thrift seems to have fallen out fashion. So now we’re gathering local and national sponsors to try to revive this lost tradition and, ultimately, the idea of thrift itself. While we work behind the scenes on those efforts, we hope you’ll have some fun with this contest and help us remind people how fashionable thrift can be!
How does it work?

  • Well you put together a trifted outfit in which all of your thrifted items only cost $50 or less combined. 
  • Then take the best photos you can in your look. 
  • Finally, go to  click submit and submit your photos with a brief description on your outfit and the prices of each thrifted item. 
For more in depth rules and guideline click here. 

I love thrift shops, though I do not have many thrifted items. I will certainly do some shopping and then submit to this site for a chance to win. You may also submit more than once! Happy thrifting! :)

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