Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pop-Up Library?!

     SO, one morning this past week I was on my way to school. While walking towards the bus stop I saw bright colored chairs, and bright colored bookshelves, and white people! A man and a woman. The woman greeted me, asked if I would like a free book and offered me some coffee. MY favorite price is free so of course I took a book! I don't drink coffee. They had tons of books, which were all donated. I grabbed one called grunts. Which is a mythical tale about warrior monsters call orgs. Not exactly my kind of book but everything happens for a reason. While on the bus I read the first few pages and found a book mark in the book which read "Occupy". Ah-ha! Apparently this had something to do with the occupy wall street movement, which is great. I was pleasantly surprised by this "Pop-Up Library" and it made my day. Here are a few photos I took with my phone:

I googled pop-up library and here's coverage of the endeavor . Courtesy of huffington post

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Margaret said...

Thanks Kearmonie for your blog post on our pop-up library!! We had a ton of fun surprising people that day with our project. We've been getting a lot of offers for more donated books, so maybe we can find you a book that's more your style than GRUNTS. If you're on twitter, follow us @rekstur or email us at and I'd be happy to let you know when we set up again :)


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