Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black Magazine

  A friend of mine, Megan Sarah Felix, has started her very own magazine. The college student, poet, aspiring journalist, and mini mogul has created this magazine for us by us. Us as in young black people striving for success. The magazines tag line is "More than just a hue". I interpret this as being black is much deeper than the color of our skin. Which it is. The magazine brings together different expressions of art, personalities, advice, opinions, and information. All geared toward encouraging the love of being black, uplifting the black community & highlighting young Black entrepreneurs and talent. I am featured in the magazine discussing my blog "I LOVE Box Braids!". and The very first issue just released on Monday, June 4th ! You can purchase a hard or digital copy here:

Here's a preview of the magazine:
The Cover
mag crop
A preview of my interview
Again, go to to purchase/download the magazine. Thanks in advanced for your support. You won't regret it!

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