Friday, June 15, 2012

Sell out?

    You should all know by now my love for Hip-Hop music. So please here me out when I say that feel rapper turned pop star Nicki Minaj is indeed a sell out. She started off as a raunchy femcee with tough lyrics and slick rhymes. If you're unfamiliar listen to one of her biggest hits, before she was known worldwide, "I get Crazy". Now listen to her latest hit "Starships". See/here/feel the difference? I understand artists becoming bigger and broadening their horizons but Nicki Minaj did a full 180. She started off as a rap artist and then decided to be a pop star. That's why I feel she's a sell out. I also feel that a lot of black music artists purposely make music that they know will be played on pop stations and will appeal to different audience, which I feel in't right. Make the music you made from the beginning, the music you truly love, not the music that everyone is going to like and certainly not the music that is going to make money. Nicki is a good rapper and it is her choice to make pop music, I don't like that choice. Recently Ice T was on the Wendy William's show to discuss his noew documentary film "From nothing to something: The art of rap" and of course, Wendy asked how he felt about Nicki Minaj. Here's the interview:

I respect Ice T's comment and I agree with it. BUT I still feel like Nicki Minaj is a sellout, lol.

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