Friday, November 2, 2012


   A word use to described someone(most commonly a woman) who is extremely promiscuous. But I feel that words like "hoe" are made for people to separate themselves from people who do things they don't approve of. Without certain words we are all thrown in the same category.
    Simplistically, if my little sister is playing in mud and I don't approve of this I'm gonna call her "Silly" for doing that. I don't consider myself silly so that separates me from people like her.

    So many people now-a-days try to stop bullying but don't realize that we're all bullies. We all judge. Especially high school kids. You know how many slurs and other bad words these kids use against each other on the regular?! & then that's brought into adulthood, it's a vicious cycle of disrespecting one another. What we all really need is eloquence.

     A Prime example of Adult Bullies who lack eloquence is "The Bad Girls Club". A reality TV show which gets a bad rep for exploiting young women who don't know how to act. Basically the show puts 9 self proclaimed "Bad" women in a house to live together for about four months and they act wild. They go to the clubs and get into fights. They grow to dislike and fight each other and there is always a separation. Despite all the wrong doing these women do, almost all their arguments are sprinkled with "You're a hoe" "You're a slut" "Close your legs" and other similar statements. It is appalling that a woman can be SO concerned with another woman's sex life but it seems that's how we are. (Lets focus on Americans, because I don't know about other countries.) We attack others for doing things we don't like or approve of. It's silly but almost second nature to be angry with someone because of their life choice(s) which clearly don't effect the person getting mad at all, whatsoever. This is bullying.

    So, if you've ever called someone a hoe, I've got news for you: You're a BULLY. Cut it out! It starts at home. We can't change the world unless we change ourselves.

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