Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paint and Poetry vol. 9!

   Paint and Poetry: A collective effort of all things art, presented by Mojo Disco. Paint and Poetry brings together artists of all kinds for an art showcase of visual art and spoken word. We listen, we admire, we mingle, and we love.(photos below)

    Last night's P&P was the 9th event of the series and did not disappoint. The event was held at the 3rdeye(Sol)ation art gallery in Brooklyn, where it has been held before. The complete ambiance was comforting. When my best friend and I arrived people were just piling in. We got some food, chatted, and took photos while DJ SI was on the one's and two's. Of course, I had to give props to the DJ. In between spoken word performances he had everyone jammin and just feeling good with the best Hip Hop tracks from the early 90's to now.

   Before the poetry was perfect time to admire the "Paint" aspect of this event. There were paintings all over the walls done by various artists. These paintings incorporated themes such as love, culture, and music. Each piece of artwork fit into the vibe of the whole event perfectly.

    Now, let's get to the poetry. Last night's event seemed to be a male dominated night, but nonetheless the talent still shone through  The spoken word segment showcased our up and coming Poets/MCs, such as Ronnie Brown, Chris Wise, and Sha Summers. They all had something important to say as well as entertaining lyrics. There was an intermission, which gave opportunity for more mingling, networking, photo taking, dancing, and fun. Not to mention D.Lacy was giving hand massages as form of relaxation therapy the whole night.

Ashley August and I

Ali Esteem getting a hand massage

Mojo Disco and Ashley August

For more photos click HERE


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