Friday, January 29, 2016

Dat new Rih Rih

     Yes, Princess reggae Hip-Pop, Madam no fucks to give Rihanna has released a brand new album for FREE(download on samsung devices, with a prompt to download Tidal for the deluxe version). Following an announcement of her world tour by the same name, it is entitled "Anti". Having already gone platinum, "Anti" is keeping pop music alive with danceable tracks, catchy lyrics and a few lovey dovey ballads.

     The versatility of this album speaks volumes with the declaritive opening track "Consideration" with a pretty prominent 2,4 beat; as well as tracks like "Woo" and "You Needed Me" with helps from some of most popping' names on the forefront of hip-hop music these day Travis Scott and DJ Mustard; and of course break out track "Work", a reggae inspired tale of love of lack-there-of featuring Drake. The album takes us on not much of a roller coaster but a road trip of the ups and downs of Rih's current mindset, affairs, and spirituality. Starting off with stories that represent who she is and her lack of fucks to give, going into the possible club bangers which are actually songs of love lost, then there is a shift with the sexy "Yeah, I said it". After she's given us slow, moody, hip-hop beats with fall in love with tracks like "Never Ending", "Love on The Brain", "Higher", and "Close to You" on all of which Rih Rih tries her hand at ballads. The bonus tracks, on the deluxe album, are also a must listen. "Goodnight Gotham" a personal favorite of mine, is a trippy mash-up of Florence + The Machine's "Only If For A Night".

     Overall "Anti" is a step forward for Ms. Fenty. Is it her best album? No. Still a solid body of work.  Now available for streaming on Tidal (

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