Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bowery Poetry Club Slam Launch !

The Bowery Poetry Club is an iconic venue for spoken word and slam poetry in New York City having helped catapult this culture we all love so much. After a brief hi-atus for renovations the Bowery Poetry has offered open mic events, writing workshops, and other spoken word showcases but has not hosted a slam for about 5 years. That all changes now.

      Monday night was the first of many slams to be held at the Bowery, every Monday at 9pm. All hosted by none other than former youth poet laureate of NYC Ashley August. August has made a smooth transition from youth poet to an adult having been slamming since the age of 15, toured across the country, competed in the Brave New Voices and National Poetry Slam competitions, been featured of TV1's Verses and Flow, and having two published collections of poetry; the title of Slammaster is rightfully deserved and The Bowery Poetry Club is now her new home.

    The night had already begun with Bowery's currently instated weekly open mic event "PoetNY", guest are welcome to pay one price to enjoy both events. The slam was like any other intense, funny, drama filled, heart wrenching and entertaining. With the greatest 90's and early 2000's tunes spun by (also extremely talented NY Poet) DJ Mega. Well known slam poets and artists Jon Sands, Roya Marsh, Taylor Steele, and MUMS came together for a mock slam, like your average slam however there was no prize or advancement to fight towards.

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   These poets came together for an unforgettable peek at whats bound to be a great, inaugural, season. With an in-house, a different renowned featured poet, and of course your lovely hostess every week; if you didn't know what to do in NYC on Monday nights. You do now.

  The slam will take place every Monday at 9pm, at The Bowery Poetry Club, following their PoetNY Open Mic event. For more information follow @BowerySlam on instagram and twitter.

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