Monday, January 25, 2016

You'd be stuck singing ya shoulda, coulda, wouldas...

     Or Would you. Not with this tune from newest music duo Jazze Belle. Harlem, New York based musicians Justin Carter and Taylor Simone have banned together in the name of music in the past year, and their first two singles are quite promising. Just a few months ago they set their first ever recording together free into the world of soundcloud. An alternative alluring merging pop and R&B, basically living without genre, entitled "Jagged Edge".
     Continuously performing at your fave open mics, Jam sessions, and music venues throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn; such as The Shed, Arlene's Grocery, and C'mon Everybody; Jazze Belle has just dropped their second single "SCW".


     "SCW" is a sultry ballad, a love song, or lets say lust song; combining tech sounds, playful keys, a subtle bass line and of course Taylor Simone's beautiful voice. This tracks is even more impressive than the first and builds more anticipation for an upcoming project from Jazze Belle. Seeing these two live is a must. Check the out on all social media as "JazzeBelle" or @JazzeBelleMusic.

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