Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"God is Gangsta"

     The latest short film brought to us by none other than Kendrick Lamar, the current G.O.A.T. or I guess G.O.T.T.(Greatest of this time). K. Dot blessed us early last year with his 3rd album To Pimp a Butterfly, a notably iconic piece of work. This video is a combination of two tracks off of the album "U" and "For Sale" both deep thought provoking, self reflection type stories much like the entire album.

     This short is quite moving, much like other videos he has released as of late and a clever juxtaposition of one's inner troubles as well as desires. Kendrick's testimony which begins with "I remember you was conflicted..." appears several times on the album stated his mental, spiritual, and emotional state at a certain time and what he has learned. God is Gangsta breathtakingly sums that all up. Another notable aspect is the tile itself, almost to say that this is not a twofer music video, however a short film. At one point "gangsta" was a loosely used adjective to describe something that dramatically great, pushes the envelope, impressive or dope; I guess a way to equate to any gang-related scary aspects of a certain lifestyle. To refer to someone as gangsta is state that the are bold and live without fear. The statement "God is Gangsta" is an almost humorous way to sum up the way the lord works, how he puts us in spaces and on paths we may not understand, giving us tasks and trials that may seem way too hard for us to deal with but certainly something we have the strength within ourselves to get through.

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