Monday, January 11, 2016

Real Friends?

     Yeezus has blessed us again. Just a couple of weeks ago KanYe West released a single entitled facts. Personally not too great to me, much like "All Day", he did not have much to say; it was a bit of a teaser for us fans. Is he dropping an album or is he isn't? Well the single has shed some light on that. "Real Friends" an account on becoming so famous that everyone around you just wants to stick you for your paper, and so busy that you barely have time for the people who once cared. The slow melodic Drake-sounding track is followed by a preview snippet of another song featuring Kendrick Lamar(Jaw Drop) entitled "No More Parties". This song, or the bit that we hear, has an alternative throwback feel to it. Kane's new album "Swish" is finally set to be released this February, with a series of tracks to be released leading up to it.

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