Monday, June 27, 2011

My Samsung SL600 camera !

Samsung SL600 (Red)
  My camera/The camera I've used to take all of the pictures on this blog and record all of my videos. I actually won this camera in a contest at school. It was almost like a godsend because I've been wanting a digital camera and I won it about a week before my birthday. It is great. There's a mode for nearly every setting, such as Landscape, Portrait, Beach/Snow and more. You can edit the photo size, quality, resolution, everything. This camera came with a disk which had a photo-editing program called intelli-studios. The program allows you to edit your photos like most programs. Although, it is limited, compared to programs like Photoshop or the website Photobucket. But it has the basics. The program automatically saves new pictures on your camera(or memory card rather) to your computer in separate folders according to the date they were taken. As well as opens the folders within the program for easy editing. Here's some additional information on some of the features:
Zoom lens reflex cameras (sometimes referred to as ZLRs, megazooms, ultrazooms, or bridge cameras) are designed to be an intermediate step between compact digital cameras and dSLRs. They are larger than compacts but offer more versatile manual controls and lens systems, including greater zoom capability. Unlike the typical digital SLR, they do not have interchangeable lenses, but filters and adapters can be used on many megazoom cameras. The sensor size in this type of digital camera is smaller than in a dSLR, which limits the range of ISO settings.
When using handheld cameras at slow shutter speeds, or with high optical zoom, image stabilization (aka anti-shake) will help with capturing sharper images. There are two types of image stabilization, optical and electronic. Electronic, or digital, stabilization works by shifting pixels within the image frame to interpolate sharpness. Optical sharpness is attained by physical movement within either the camera body or the lens element, which compensates for handheld shaking. Of the two, optical is generally considered more favorable by most photographers.

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I have not used any other samsung products but I highly recommend this one. It is convenient, compact and easy to use. There is no hassle or struggle. I love my camera and you will love it too ;) lol.


alvis said...

I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of these pictures. This is a fabulous digicam. The SL600 also includes face detection capability with both smile and blink apprehension functions, which can be used to automatically capture.

Camera Samsung

jeckwills said...

Well, The Samsung SL600 also has a selection of scene modes aimed at keeping things attainable for abecedarian photographers while still alms a amount of ascendancy over images, plus a Smart Auto mode which automatically selects a scene mode as appropriate.

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