Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Va$htie Kola

cold chillin’ (2010)

    Literally the most amazing woman in the whole world. Well, in my opinion. She is talented, Beautiful, and a HUGE inspiration. Visionary Director, Party Producer, Style Maven, Lady of Leisure, Jordan 3 Villain, TomBoy Extraordinaire, Luxury Handbag Queen, Vintage Don, Fashion Addict and Art Nerd. This is Vashtie Kola, or as she is often called “Downtown’s Sweetheart.” With a friendly demeanor and uncanny ability in bridging the gap between underground cool and industry mainstream, Vashtie can take a meeting with cigar chomping execs and chill with graffiti crews on the streets of the East Village in New York City, where she currently resides.
   Born and raised in Albany, NY as the youngest of three children of Trinidadian parents, Vashtie moved to New York City in 1999, when she attended The School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan to study directing/cinematography.
   In 2006, she was asked to re-vamp the company of Island Def Jam as Director of Creative Services. Antonio “LA” Reid, president of Def Jam, said she would be “the one to keep the building cool, someone in tune with downtown cool and pop mainstream.” The corporate work environment took its toll on Vashtie. She found her creative expression was stifled. In 2007, she left her job at Def Jam to once again pursue her directing career.

  She has directed music videos for Solange, KiD CuDi, Justin Bieber and more. This woman is literally my idol. She has her website, youtube:, as well as a twitter page!/vashtie and her newest Tumblr On her Tumblr blog she posted:

So this is a message to all photographers out there ! This is a wonderful opportunity.

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