Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Outing of the month: for the month of May

I hadn't really done much but last week Tuesday I went to the movies. & what did I see you ask?

Well The Hangover Part II of course

    Funny story, I almost did not get to see the movie. My friend could not buy two tickets to the film because you have be 21 or over to buy more than one ticket to a rated R movie (crazy I know). I wasn't able to buy my ticket because I do not have ID. So the woman who worked their told us to ask a man on the line to buy my ticket but he looked creepy, so I asked an older woman. She was very nice, her exact words were "I don't know about these movies, because another movie that came out was about sex, it was almost pornography. It was like wam bam thank you mam and thats it, but thats not what sex is about. They shouldn't be teaching children this in movies, thats not right... You kids seem intelligent though, so I'll buy your ticket". (I assumed the movie she was talking about was No strings attached). This woman was such a sweetheart, and there was truth to exactly what she said. Our youth is very influenced by pop culture, we want top be the people on TV. We emulate what we see, and what we think is good. just watch pretty woman and tell my you don't want to be a prostitute walking down sunset blvd. after watching that.

   But anyways, the movie.. It was HILARIOUS. The Hangover (part 1) was very funny and just an all around good movie. A good plot, truthful,  funny, as well as a mystery. A couple of guys go to Vegas, wake up the next morning completely hungover with no memory of what happened the night before and their friend is missing. not to mention, the missing friend is the one who's getting married the following day. The film was pure comedy and throughout the film us as the viewers also have no idea where their friend can possibly be. Part II is exactly the same but ten times better. It was not like a repeat of the first one, although the story is very similar. In part two the go to Thailand because another friend in the 4 is getting married to Thai woman and the wedding is being held there. This time the man who was lost in the first movie was not hungover with the crew and did not get lost, he was fine, however they lost one of the friends' future brother-in-law. There are little occurrences in this film that you will notice match up with the first film perfectly. The hangover part II was the definition of a "Part II" the definition of a sequel. This film is brilliant. If you haven't seen it yet, I definitely urge you too.

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