Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crackle Nail Polish Feedback!

   About a month ago I posted about the Crackle Nail polish (Here). I also asked you guys to email me photos and tell me a little about your experience with the nail polish.

Well one of  my Followers Samantha L. did and here's what she had to say! :

Snapshot_20110924_2.JPG   "Both colors are on a white basecoat...the blue crackle is opi brand and the pink is sally henson...the blue just puts lines across the nail from top to bottom and the pink does more of the tip is one make sure that your basecoat is completely dry before applying the crackle...and secondly the thicker the crackle the less crackle you get...btw love your blog :)"

I'd like to thank Samantha! & to everyone else out there Show me your nails as well!! I really want to see how this stuff varies. Email me at

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