Saturday, October 1, 2011

I used to think people making their own music and trying to become hip-hop artists was cool but now it's too much

There were up and coming rappers in my high school, Up and coming rappers in my college, I have up and coming rappers as friends on Facebook, up and coming rappers follow me on Twitter, up and coming rappers follow me on Tumblr. They’re everywhere! Everyone’s trying to make it in the rap game. Find something else to do! I feel like half of them take the culture for granted. I’m not going to argue who’s better than who because art is about expressing ones self, but not every can do what Q-tip has done. What Common has done. What KanYe West is doing. Some people are just bandwagoners. Well the hip-hop bandwagon is full for 2011. Mainstream hip-hop already has no substance and now all these teenagers are trying to emulate that. Too many people are trying to be Lil Wayne instead of Public Enemy. I’m really not trying to bash anyone, but when is enough enough?

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