Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Show me your nails!

This time no crackle. A friend of mine from high school emailed a photo and description of what she did to her nails. How did she do this?, you may ask. Well here's the secret. They're press on nails! Here's what Stacie said:

 "I was looking for nail polish remover and I saw these :') I cut them down to my real nails because I hate long nails. I can literally do anything its like my real nails plus the nail polish doesn't come off. They last like 5x better than putting on nail polish and if you cut them down where they are your nail length there 10x better than tips done at the nail salon. I suggest you just buy the glue on's and a nail filer ;') pick a pretty pattern {not French; you'll be cutting it down} like zebra or poke dots and have fun. Mine have been on for a week and they haven't fallen off, nothing. Nails still neat ;')"

 Though I am still doing the whole crackle nail polish thing, I like what she did. If you have done anything really creative with your nails show me! Email me at

1 comment:

lolita said...

That's awesome wish i could do that x


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