Monday, January 2, 2012

Eh, Disney Channel

  Now you may have heard a lot from my generation(est. 92) about how much we hate the latest shows on Disney Channel. Now this may sound funny but I wonder why they keep putting horrible weaves/hairstyles on Chyna-Anne McClain of "Ant Farm". My little sister watches that show all the time and every time I look the main girl’s hair just never looks right. She often has those moments when she needs a new perm. Better yet she just needs to go natural. It would be extremely beautiful if they should a girl going natural on Disney Channel. Not a show about going natural but a show about a girls life, where she just so happens to be going natural. Shows i watched growing up were just about life, there were some silly moments but NO corny gimmicks about being a superstar, overly talented, genius, wizard, child prodigy. I was able to relate and look up to character on shows that I watched. Now Little blacks girls across the country are going to want a weave and are going to think that bad weaves are ok. Except my little sister(she wants to be just like me :)) But some children only have Disney channel as their older sibling and inspiration. Some children NEED positivity on the shows they watch not corny punch lines and dramatic scenes about boy crushes. Yes, Raven was a psychic and yes, she had a different weave each episode but at least she looked bad as hell!Raven went through serious things and had to make serious decisions. Don’t even get me started on how down to earth Lizzie McGuire was. It seems that now-a-days superficiality is the new trend.

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