Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Underground Artists

     Formerly know as MCR films, Underground Artists is an independent indie film/production company stationed right here in New York City. The goal of Underground Artists is to uncover raw talent of young inner-city artists and give them the voice they need. The dream is to someday create a movie theater for the "people". With cheaper prices, better food and trailers/short films of aspiring filmmakers along with box office moguls showing as well. The walls would be laced with photos of our artists, their hobbies and inspirations. This is a company with lots of potential. With NYC affiliates and sponsorships we can fulfill the dream.
     I will be working on quite a few projects, one in particular I am starting now, in affiliation UA. I am very excited about these future endeavors and I will certainly keep you all posted.

Please check out and support Underground Artists.

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