Saturday, January 14, 2012

There is a thin line between Art and Entertainment

   Now-a-days the entertainment industry has literally taken over. Everybody is trying to be famous and trying to make money. True art falls through the cracks. I was thinking about this when it comes to acting. Acting may be the truest art form in media. But business men still look for what looks better and what sells. All anyone is interested in is the money. It's shameful. One most recent example of this is DJ-ing. Dj's usually get hired based on what they've down before, talent, and overall personality. But as of late, a lot of celebrities are getting DJ jobs at parties. I mean, certain celebrities who aren't even on the music business. Such as Kirstie Alley, Tyson Beckford, Matt LeBlanc, and Solange Knowles. We all know and love a lot of these celebs, and you should all know that I love Solange Knowles but none of these people are true DJ's. They make appearances based on their Fame and make money. These people are practically taking food off the tables of DJ's who have been doing it their whole lives, and only know to DJ. Being an artist is already difficult when it comes to making money off of our crafts, especially in this digital era. Many of use, at a certain age, have to choose between what we love and what we need to do to survive. There's no such thing as an artist who isn't struggling. Unless, well, you're famous.
    I am creating a film(the working tile is a little secret), a documentary to be precise. Which will document the lives of young artists voicing their opinions, and challenging certain stereotypes at the same time. This film will be similar to the late 1980's documentary about drag culture in NYC "Paris is burning".

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