Monday, April 25, 2011


           As you can see in these images I am wearing a don't be hatin on the homos T-shirt and bracelet :). I ordered them from . I think it's the best t-shirt ever made and makes the most sense. I posted about it on Facebook and some girl was all like "Isn't homo a slur". I always thought it was the slang term for homosexual. Not that it should be in the dictionary or be respected as a "real word" but still, Shut the hell up and let me wear my shirt *rolls eyes*. I'm sure she understnda what it means, and the message behind it. Would she prefer I wore a shirt that says "Please do not bully homosexuals" ?? Who's attention is that gonna grab? Personally I'm one of the people who flip the channel everytime a PSA-ish commercial comes on, cuuuz I don't really care.  Buuuuut DON'T B H8N ON THE HOMOS is straight up and to the point. It's cute funny and makes sense. It's inevitable that you get the message while looking at this shirt, JUST LOOK AT IT !. and if you don't, watch this video:


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