Saturday, April 30, 2011

The new sidekick

      Yes Sidekick, as in those rectangular brick smartphones with the swively screen which were very popular last decade. Through out my highschool years everyone had a sidekick., I had two. The popularity started with the Sidekick 3. But there were sooo many. There was the Sidekick 1, The Sidekick 2, The Sidekick 3, The Sidekick ID, The Sidekick LX, The Sidekick Slide, The Sidekick 08, and The Sidekick 09. Around October 2009 the unthinkable happened. There was trouble with the tower that all sidekick users received internet service from and service was down on everyone's sidekick for THREE DAYS. As a sidekick user I know that most of us didn't text very often, we used AIM. Which we couldn't without internet service. After this many users were fed up. Most sidekick owners only had t-mobile to have a sidekick and switched to AT&T or Verizon. Whereas the consumers who stuck with t-mobile switched to the G1, G2, My Touch or most popular The Blackberry. But service being down for three days was not the only reason for the switch. The newer sidekicks were shitier, lack of a better term. In my opinion, the Sidekick 2 was the best sidekick out of all of them. It was better than the 1, and not as bad as the following. At a certain point Sidekick 3's that people had for over a year were missing buttons and just didn't work right. It is almost impossible to find someone with a Sidekick 3 in good condition. Each of the newer phones would lose internet service for a short time randomly, for no reason.The camera on each phone besides the Sidekicks 08 and 09 were crappy. and Soon enough the battery life on each of the sidekicks would be gone! I understand that they are smart phones and you use them for a lot at one time but after nearly a year of having my Sidekick 08 the battery would die every day although I charged it every night. Then after charging it and the battery was fully charged it would die after 10 minutes. These phones were far too overrated and overpriced (about $300). I was so glad to never see a side kick again until now.

Introducing the all new Android powered Sidekick 4g

     Yes, ANDROID POWERED. Android phones are taking over. So that should make the phone ten times better than its predecessors, or at least I think so. I have an Android phone now (The T-mobile Comet) and it's great. It's powered by Google so everything is using Google, you sign in with your G-mail account and everything is linked to that. The phone comes with apps such as Maps, Navigation, New and Weather, and Places. You can pinpoint a location on the map find nearby restaurants, movie theaters, clothing stores, etc. As well as find out the Weather for today in that specific location. The News and Weather app is one of my favorites along with the Facebook app. You can use The News and Weather app for the 5-day forecast as well as the latest news in Politics, Sports, and Entertainment right on your phone. I like the Facebook app because you can quickly update your status as well as check for messages, event invites, and other requests. The are many other great features that already come with the phone and you can find other cool, fun, and helpful apps in the market(android app store).
     So basically Sidekick 4g will have everything I liked about having a Sidekick and the amazing features of an android phone. AKA Those people at T-mobile are GENIUSES.

For more information on The Android powered Sidekick 4g go to

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