Monday, April 25, 2011

Skating around the block

          The other day I had the worst possible cramps ever. I did not feel like going anywhere MISERABLE ! Then my mother sends me to the store. Now you know I wined and complained but still wound up going anyway. So I decided to ride my roller blades and bring my sister along to take pictures. 
         We went around the block. I felt good afterwards and refreshed in a way. It helped that the whether was beautiful. I went to the store for my mom, I didn't die, and I wasn't even in that much pain. One thing to know is that you can have fun in two minutes or 2 hours, in Brooklyn or in Miami, roller blading with your little sister or going to the mall with your friends. It's all what you make of it. Moral of the story? Stop being so damn miserable and go outside and roller blade! or at least enjoy the world around you, the best way you can. Reality TV and facebook ain't got nothin on spring time.

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