Friday, April 29, 2011

I blame the parents

       This is a saying I say a lot and it's true. Not saying that children act like their parents but the way a person is raised can greatly determine the type of person they are. Like me for instance, I'm very stand off-ish and I don't people questioning me, I guess it's because my parents didn't really talk to me. Not that they ignored me but they weren't very invasive either and still aren't.
        As a kid probably from the age of 10 my family would always watch tv together in my mothers room on the weekend. My parents would lay on there spots in the bed and my two little sisters would lay in between them. Thus leaving no space on the bed for me. If I laid at the end of the bed I probably be on someone’s feet or blocking the tv. So I’d have to site on the couch, chair, or floor and i hated it. I felt left out, which is something I feel a lot. Also my family is into sci-fi horror flicks which I am not and would watch them every Saturday. So I’d eventually walk out. I didn’t have a tv of my own then so I’d just come into my room and sit here by myself. I would probably go back to my parents room but just to walk out again. I still do it to this day. Even when I do have a spot on the bed, or when I do like the show we’re watching, when we have “family time” I just have to walk out. I can never stay still. I guess it’s a habit I developed, only now I have the internet. Now, I leave my computer on pretty much all day and I constantly come back to it. I think this means I’m not comfortable with my own family, I love them to death, but I have to be alone. Which is catching up to me, because now I feel lonely. I’ve always been the person to want to be alone w/o a problem but now I feel like there’s something missing, or someone rather. There’s a lack of communication between me and everyone I know.
        When you realize people act based on the way they were raised its like an epiphany, lol. Like people who don't own up to there responsibility never had to as a child. They were probably let off easy for doing something wrong. Also people who try to get over and act everyone around them is stupid probably didn't get any attention as kids and were allowed to run wild. There is no such thing as a perfect way to raise children but it is very  important. Obviousssslyyyy

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