Sunday, October 7, 2012

Outfit of the week

     Of course, My outfit from Saturday. It was a great day to go out and enjoy Brooklyn. At noon was the Restoration rocks Music Festival in Bed-Stuy and later that evening was First Saturdays at The Brooklyn Museum. Both very fun, cultural, artistic events. My best friend and I didn't have to travel far. My biggest inspiration for this outfit was the weather. It was rainy and chilly all week but this day was beautiful, perfect Fall weather. So I wore my favorite sweater, favorite shorts, and favorite boots. The socks added for style. I realized that this look had a bit of a vintage vibe. The sweater is vintage, the high-waisted shorts, and grunge-like boots(which is why I used the word hipster). Again, “retro” was not my intention but this look came out great.

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