Saturday, October 6, 2012

What does HE have to do with ME?

    Naturally, we compare ourselves to each other. Like the term "Keeping up with the Jones'". Because the people around us are basically all we see, that's what we set our standard of living to. Which is understandable, but now-a-days it has gotten out of hand. The fight for fame, popularity, and out-doing each other is what it's all about. This can easily be blamed on social networking sites.
     Regular routine: You log onto Facebook, you scroll down and see pleasant status updates and beautiful pictures, in your mind these people are living a wonderful life. But their life only looks great to you because of what they chose to show you. Your perception is now skewed. Facebook set a standard of what we think our lives are supposed to be based on what we choose to reveal to each other.We spend so much time on these social networking sites, comparing ourselves to each other.
      If you've suffered from this, just stop thinking of what your life is supposed to be like and focus on how it is. Work on who you are, progress, and grow.

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